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Commercial real estate helps you to earn a tax efficient monthly rental income on your investment. It has been an age old tried and tested way to build capital while also serving as a security as a second household income securing your and the future of your loved once. Investing in commercial real estate is lucrative and serves as good hedge against the volatility of the stock market and other asset classes. Investors can make money via appreciation when they sell the property but most returns are generated through rents collected from tenants which are way higher as compared to the returns on renting residential properties. The reason why people started buying second or third residential properties was due to the constant rise in the residential property price which has flattened over the years.

  • 300 meter ways from the most happening commercial destination in new Gurgaon, Sapphire 83.
  • We are part of a larger approx 6 acre development (Largest commercial project in the vicinity) with most exciting product mix.
  • Part of limited 5 percent commercial development earmarked for the sector making it extermely desirable real estate.
  • Low maintenance high street real estate project on the lines of Galleria & Good Earth with better amenities like multiplexes, designated food hub with restaurants and food courts and anchor stores.

Price List

Ground Floor ₹ As Applicable View Details
1st Floor ₹ As Applicable View Details
2nd Floor ( Food Court ) ₹ As Applicable View Details
2nd Floor ( Restaurant ) ₹ As Applicable View Details
3rd Floor ( Food Court ) ₹ As Applicable View Details
3rd Floor ( Restaurant ) ₹ As Applicable View Details
4th - 10th floor(office space) ₹ As Applicable View Details
AUDI/MULTIPLEX ₹ As Applicable View Details
ANCHOR ₹ As Applicable View Details

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ABR Realtors has ushered a new era of trade in the commercial and residential real estate market by offering state-of-the-art properties at exceptional rates. From sourcing, negotiating, undertaking the legal process, helping in getting the finances from all the major banks and NBFCs, to acting as an interface with builders, every action of ours is dedicated towards keeping the customers happy.


About US

With an experience of over a decade, we have evolved into a full-service real estate solutions company that provides holistically designed services to take care of all your real estate needs. We have built a solid foundation of values, customer satisfaction, competency and commitment that has changed the face of the real estate market in India. Our team of seasoned professionals continuously works on gaining deep insights based on the latest trends in the real estate market to make our clients' decisions wise and rational. Our team is driven by a strong vision and has the competency to achieve excellence beyond expectation.

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